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In 2011 Louise embarked on a new journey, it involved restoring vintage lamp bases and shades as well as making designer fringes from glass, crystal, gems and pearls. The results were highly original and this is a limited edition as the series was completed at the end of 2013. There are a total of 30 lamps in the series, some of which have been sold. Others are still for sale!

It takes approximately 60 hours to create one single lamp. The shades, mostly reclaimed, are hand dyed, then painted and finally embellished. A single fringe will take 20 hours to make from only the best quality hand selected materials. The bases are made from either vintage brass, bottles or timber.

The most stunning thing about these lamps is that they change throughout the day, as the sun moves, it hits the fringes and fractels of light bounce off the wall creating a beautiful psychedelic effect. Move the lamp slightly; and a miniature light show unfolds. The different colours of each lamp contribute a positive effect to its matching chakra, therefore causing a healing and meditational effect.