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Having a fascination for people going about their lives in both rural & urban settings, Louise took to using her camera to capture these moments in time. The experience, however, was short lived because strangers did not take well to being photographed so this unique series is finite aside from the ‘posed’ pictures in which the subjects knew they were about to be painted. The urban scenes mostly take place in the cafe spots of Melbourne aside from the “Homeless Man and Dog”which takes place in Auckland NZ and “Darjeeling” which is in India.


After achieving the level of detail through painting with acrylics, Louise decided to take on a new challenge. Painting the effects of the drought through watercolour. It was surprising that the medium based on water reflected the drought so clearly. Over time rains did come and painting the Mallee after a rainstorm was always an exciting adventure.

In 2010 Louise and her husband would go on “after rain” Mallee drives. The countryside was spectacular. The effects from capturing the freshly “greened up” landscape after a rain with the use of watercolours had a great impact, and as a result it was nearly a “sell-out” show.

Now that Louise lives in the Northern Rivers, the landscape is perpetually a watercolour scene, which she has yet to embark on. Whenever she returns to the Mallee, she intends on bringing her paints and brushes as the Mallee dirt did get under her skin and painting comes naturally. She loves the drama of the clouds and the way the landscape opens up like a patchwork quilt.


In 2005, after a year of hiatus and making a life changing move from Canada to Swan Hill, Australia, Louise set about researching the qualities of the rural Australian countryside. Amidst a drought when everything was dried up, it was an interesting feat to peruse a style of painting that would reflect the positive side of a drought. And what better way to use oil paint as a medium choice to reflect this environmental threat. Luckily the rains did come and the paintings became more exhilarating after a rainfall. Louise continues to paint with oils and the challenges of everyday life will evolve into new painting trends.



Louise was exhausted with painting “The Real” in that she felt like the subject matter was only selected to “please people”. Even the Fire series became too picture perfect.

Hence, “The Meltdown” blog which explains Louise’s journey from the perfect world of ‘chocolate box’ painting to the experimental world of fun and frolic. Although she does plan to continue experimenting with watercolours and oils, in the fashion of her new style, The Rooster Series” for example, will reflect the challenges of everyday life.

In her mixed media piece titled “Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something!”, an exposé of her childhood dramas in which her mother used to yell at her and her siblings everyday simply because her mum did not want to have children and children merely ‘got in her way’. Louise quotes “We tend to carry our childhood traumas throughout the course of our life and those negating voices in our heads control our every move… until we find a way of releasing the pressure”

“My life coach is my art, my art takes me to a higher level” she also quotes

The piece titled “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” is her response to the expectations of others’ for her to paint “pretty, pedantic, perfectionist, pleasing pictures” which is clearly now a thing of the past. Louise looks forward to painting more quirky chooks and other silly animal scenes and quotes.