Chill Friends; Chill Mural 2016

April 2016

With the expansion of Chill’s international status and popularity, I was asked by Dash, the owner, to paint another mural that would be in keeping with the new branding. The previous mural was the previous cafe, Nescoffeeshop’s original theme. It was a bit of a hodgepodge of imagery that reflected the hills, the monkeys, geckos, […]

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My Serendipity: The Mural

April 2016: Serendipity: The occurence and development of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way.

After 3 years of being away, we decided to embark on yet another Serendipitous sojourn, another art project and business consultation.

Once one visits Sri Lanka its nearly impossible to shake it off and return back to one’s familiarity without […]

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Cafe Chill: a new vibe

Sept 2011- Aug 2014: We didn’t return to Sri Lanka for three years. The villa deal fell through, with so much bribery and corruption going down with the Sri Lankan government, we decided to pull out of our business interests there and focus on keeping our investments on home turf.

Nevertheless, Dash kept soldiering on, through […]

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Eat Pray Love: Shonagh’s Sri Lanka

In August of 2011 we arrived in Colombo from Melbourne and 24 hours later, met Shonagh at Bandaranaike airport where she arrived from Toronto which was very exciting for me.

On this particular trip, it was decided that we would paint a mural just under the concrete bar that Dash had designed previously, which sat in […]

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My Serendipity: The Monsoon

In late January of 2011, I was requested by Dash to paint the exterior mural to be installed above the red roof of Nescoffeeshop. We had been corresponding freqently by phone and Skype for a little under 6 months, in that period of time we were even considering building a villa because we loved the […]

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My Serendipity: Early days


Early August of 2010, Graeme and I were speculating on where to visit in Asia. While we were deciding, Rick Stein hosted a television show on Sri Lanka which was about the wonderful cuisine and the memorable sites in different parts of the serendipitous country. The civil war had ended that year and peace was restored.

Many Westerners are emotionally […]

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Love a good font

My sign design experience goes back to when I was 12 years old, when a weary traveler who needed a place to rest his head started drawing letters and outlining them and colouring them in… and then taught me to do the same. His favourite font was Uncial Script, even though it was not a […]

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How French Bistrot captured their “Je ne sais Quoi!”

In the hustle and bustle of Byron Bay’s Night Market, there is a cafe where lost arts still thrive. It’s no secret that Byron Bay residents and visitors really know how to live life and when French Bistro opened their stall, they knew they had a tall order of quality French cuisine and Byron Bay […]

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More Allure for Cafe Allure


Pictures of your food are so “ten years ago”.

I’m kind of relieved about that, because drawing food is harder than people think. Consumers seem to be looking for a dining experience that says as much about them as it does the food. They look for quality, fun, and they want you to surprise them.

The key […]

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Jiving with Rikki and Milan


I’m here with Rikki, my design guru who is showing me the way thru this virtual world that is constantly morphing into something new, different and exciting. I have known Rikki for six months and he has inspired me in so many ways.

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